Employment @ K.E.A. Inc.

Typical Positions at the firm are:
Civil Engineer - requires a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. Typically would be responsible for design of roadways, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water lines as well as site design. Also, engineering investigations, preparation of reports and specifications.

Office Technician - assists the Engineer with routine design calculations and preparation of design drawings of various types of civil engineering projects. Also, prepares topographic and survey drawings.

CADD Technician - prepares civil engineering and surveying drawings utilizing computer applications, such as C&G Survey, AutoCAD & Intellicad.

Surveyor - performs duties of crew chief for topographic and boundary surveys. Also, does deed research, survey calculations, preparation of descriptions and easements, subdivision calculations and survey plats.

Survey Technician - assists the surveyor in obtaining field data through the use of total station with data collector and gps survey equipment. Also, assists the deed research.